Presidents of Mind


Mr. President, are you there?

      Good Evening, Mr. President.  I'm George Washington.  I want you to meet some of my friends who also served America in the Oval Office.  I beseech you, put down that device and listen. 
     Pray, don't bother to call your guards, they will not be able to see me, anyway.
      You need to know what it means to be a president, and the best of all possible authorities are going share with you our experiences so you can take the history of the office into account and learn from our experiences.  
     We will be starting with Andrew Jackson, who we know you admire.  He was a man of his time.  And time gives you insights.  Andy comes first, but you will be hearing from all of us.  
     Some Americans already know airflight had not started at the time of the Revolution.  What else did Donald  miss? When we add Interactive to the mix things take unexpected directions.  And you can make suggestions, send content, and hash over possibilities with others in chatrooms and on video conference calls.  
     Also sign up for workshops in directing, producing and you name it.    

     Payment  for content and ideas takes place through cryptocoupons and the aidience, as always, weights in to be heard.
      We are now in pre-production and you can be part of the action.  Interactive TV with Mass Audience participation is the wave of the future and this was it is profitable to do the right thing and give Americans back their voices and their power.  

In this satiric and mentally invasive show, American Presidents offer their new apprentice advice from their own experiences.  America did survive their terms in office.  Can America survive Donald Trump with their help? What advice would you offer? 

Tune in and sound off on America’s first Interactive Television Network, Women Leading.  Isn't it about time?

Here, you get a 24/7 referrendum on everything your government is doing.
Launch a Question and let's all weigh in. 

American Referendum